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Twin Terrorist Attacks Kill 48 People in Afghanistan

  • Security forces in the location after the attack

    Security forces in the location after the attack | Photo: Reuters

Published 17 September 2019

A suicide bomber attacked President Ghani´s campaign rally, killing and wounding scores of people. 

Two terrorist attacks were carried out in Afghanistan Tuesday, leaving nearly 50 people dead and many others wounded as the Taliban targeted a campaign rally held by current President Ashraf Ghani in the Parwan province. A second blast was later reported in the capital city of Kabul.

Most of Ghani´s ralies have taken place through virtual means, precisely because the Taliban forces had promised to conduct violent attacks against them. They have repeatedly rejected the ongoing presidential process leading to the September 28th elections, especially the candidcy of U.S. backed Ghani.


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The first attack happened in Charikar, where thousands gathered for Ghani's speech, the BBC reported.  A suicide bomber in a motorcycle killed 26 and injured 42 others at one of the checkpoints. The victims included several women and children. The Afghan President was not harmed.

Later on, a second suicide bomber hit downtown Kabul, leaving 22 people dead, including six members of the Afghan security forces, who appeared to be the primary target. 

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the attack in a statement that said they had warned people not to attend presidential rallies.

This latest attack comes just days after the Trump administration suddenly pulled out of the peace talks with the Taliban, which seemed close to an agreement between the negotiators earlier this month. The end of the talks was seen as a success for Ghani´s administration since he was left outside of them.

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