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teleSUR wins the Anibal Nazoa National Journalism Award

  • teleSUR wins the Anibal Nazoa National Journalism Award

    | Photo: Archivo

Published 28 June 2020

In its eleventh edition of the award, teleSUR was awarded in the television medium category because the signal in its almost 15 years has remained attached to the quality of information.

The multiplatform of communication teleSUR won the Aníbal Nazoa 2020 National Journalism Award, in the Television category, announced the Necessary Journalism Movement (MPN), which each year awards the prizes in different areas of journalistic work.


Telesur's Program Wins National Journalism Prize

In its eleventh edition of the award, teleSUR was awarded in the television medium category because, upon reaching its fifteenth anniversary, the signal "has remained attached to the quality of information that originated the strategic need of its foundation: to reflect the sociocultural reality of the southern towns. " 

"Its news coverage has accompanied all the processes of political transformation in the southern hemisphere that have contributed to a new communicational order," the MPN said in a statement. 

The entity specified that the work to review the applications was carried out by the member group of the MPN, virtually, thanks to the new Information and Communication Technologies, due to the extraordinary situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Respecting the radical quarantine decreed by the Venezuelan president, Nicolás Maduro, under the State of Alarm, the MPN, represented on this occasion by: 

"Luisana Colomine, Helena Salcedo, Cristina González, Ana María Hernández, Armando Carías, Yoaní Sánchez, Ilbania García and Diana Ovalles, who carried out the respective deliberations to grant the recognitions."

The Aníbal Nazoa National Journalism Award values ​​the performance of journalists, popular communicators and reporters, as well as content production teams in 23 categories, explained the MPN

The agency specified that it values ​​those works that exalt quality, ethics, accurate, timely information, and commitment to the truth and the Venezuelan people, as enshrined in the National Constitution in its article 58. 

In the same way, the qualifying jury considered it appropriate to make four special recognitions, and due to the pandemic, the winner of the traditional Antipremio is revealed.

In the Professional Career category it was for Walter Martínez, who has been “on the air” since our beloved, contaminated and only spacecraft.

Regarding Martínez, the MPN highlighted that "for the quality of content in the treatment, analysis and presentation of international news, for its perseverance, sobriety, coherence and loyalty, essential attributes in times of Revolution and that should be an example for young professionals of journalism. "

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