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Spain: Independentists Reaffirm the Path of Self-Determination

  • Roger Torrent, president of Parliament of Catalonia, has assured that he is willing to assume those

    Roger Torrent, president of Parliament of Catalonia, has assured that he is willing to assume those "consequences" against him | Photo: lasvocesdelpueblo.com

Published 22 October 2019

The proposal poses a challenge to the Constitutional Court, which warned that any attempt again for separatism will be considered a crime.

Catalonian independentists parties Junts per Catalunya, Esquerra Republicana de Catalunya, and Popular Unity Candidacy have agreed Tuesday on a motion for a resolution to reaffirm themselves in the path for the "right of self-determination" and condemn the Supreme Court's ruling on the sedition that was consumed in the critical moments of the process.


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The proposal poses a challenge to the Constitutional Court, which last week personally warned the president of the Parliament Roger Torrent that he will be committing a crime if he returns to put the autonomous Chamber at the service of separatism.

The text urges the Autonomous Chamber to "commit" to continue approving "political resolutions on the right to self-determination." It is a bet redoubled by secessionism, but, still, only on paper, because the three groups only leave that possibility annotated, without consummating it.

But the lawyers of the Chamber have warned about the legal consequences that it could mean. “It seems to be unheard of that in a democracy this has criminal consequences,” said Torrent in a press conference, who has asked Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez to stop “persecuting the free debates of the lawmakers" as he considers it "censorship."

The proposal was taken Tuesday to the Mesa del Parlament, which has decided to admit it through the ordinary process, according to parliamentary sources. Since it has not been approved by urgent procedure, it is normal for the resolution not to be voted until next week. 

But the independence groups want the plenary agenda to be changed tomorrow and for the debate and voting of the resolution to be introduced, which is guaranteed the absolute majority with the votes of JxC, ERC and the CUP.

The Mesa del Parliament that I have the honor to preside can not censor the political initiative of the groups. It can not be converted into a censor or a miniature Constitutional Court.

In the resolution, the three independentist parties forcefully reject the Supreme's ruling, because "it implies a deep regression in matters of rights and freedoms, not only for Catalonia but for the entire Spanish state."

The text ensures that "the situation of democratic exceptionality" that is being experienced these days in the main cities of Catalonia has been "provoked by the aforementioned sentence" and "attempts to censor the Parliament of Catalonia promoted by the Constitutional Court."

That is, the secessionists blame the Supreme, more or less veiled, for the violence that has taken place these days in Barcelona to the response of the sentence and not to its authors. In fact, the resolution "affirms the strictly civic and non-violent nature of the independence movement," which is a way to place violence on another roof."

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