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  •  Jorge Arreaza

    Jorge Arreaza | Photo: AVN

Published 25 February 2018

Through Twitter, the Venezuelan Foreign Minister indicated that his counterpart from Chile hindered the dialogue process from the first day.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza denounced on Saturday that his Chilean counterpart, Heraldo Muñoz, dedicated himself to hindering the process of dialogue between the Venezuelan Government and the opposition that took place in the Dominican Republic.

Through his Twitter account, Arreaza said that the Chilean foreign minister devoted himself to making fun of the dialogue process from the first day through social networks, the press and biased actions during the meetings.

"We thought that the accompaniment of Heraldo Muñoz in the dialogue would be constructive. However, he dedicated himself to torpedoing and making fun of the process from the first day, "Arreaza wrote in his tweet.

He asserted that with these type of acts Muñoz "left Chile looking very bad in the practice of elementary diplomacy."

Arreaza's statements come after his Chilean counterpart declared during an interview railing against Venezuela and his democracy, questioning that the South American nation does not respect the Democratic Charter of the Americas.

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