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Colombia Reports Murder of a Signer and a Social Leader

  • "No life, no peace," reads the sign. Mar. 15, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@LaVozDelSur_1

Published 15 March 2023

Wilson Llanos Sarria was a signatory of the Peace Accords and Néstor Yesid Martínez Pinto was the current community defender assigned to the Ombudsman's Office.

Colombia's Institute for Peace Development Studies (Indepaz) denounced Wednesday the discovery of the lifeless body of a peace signatory, as well as the murder of a community defender.

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The lifeless body of signatory Wilson Llanos Sarria, was found on Tuesday in Belén de los Andaquies, Caquetá. Sarria had been missing since March 6.

According to INDEPAZ, the signatory was in the process of reincorporation when he was kidnapped from his relatives' house by armed men, who later executed him.

Yesterday afternoon, relief agencies and neighbors of the rural area found the lifeless body in the Belen mountain range, after several days of searching.

Wilson Sarria 14/22/23, Belen de los Andaquies, Caqueta. Wilson was a signatory to the peace agreement, who was currently carrying out his reincorporation process in the department of Caquetá. He had been missing since March 6, and on March 14 his body was found.

With this death, there are three signers killed this year, while since the signing of the Peace Accord in 2016 there have been 351.

Néstor Yesid Martínez Pinto, 49, was killed in Riohacha, La Guajira, in the middle of the road while riding a motorcycle. This is the 26th murder of a social leader in 2023 while 1435 have been killed since the signing of the Peace Accord.

Pinto was the current community defender assigned to the Ombudsman's Office, recognized for his work in the protection of the human rights of Afro and indigenous communities in La Guajira.

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