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Nicaragua Defines Municipal Electoral Councils

  • Citizens in a rally to support the FSLN party, Nicaragua.

    Citizens in a rally to support the FSLN party, Nicaragua. | Photo: Twitter/ @fuerzarevol

Published 23 June 2021

The national authorities ensured that the laws and the "Gender Equity and Alternation" principle be observed during the selection of local electoral boards.

Nicaragua's Supreme Electoral Council (CSE) announced that 918 people were appointed to make up the Municipal Electoral Councils (CEM) that will organize the electoral process in 153 local governments.


'We Deserve Respect and Peace', Nicaraguans Say

These sub-national electoral boards will be occupied by 459 women and 459 men with their respective alternates. Among them, 153 presidents, 153 main members, and 153 second members were defined.

The appointments for main members were made according to the current Electoral Law, which establishes that these positions must be filled by representatives of the two parties that obtained the highest number of votes in the last general elections, namely, the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and the Liberal Constitutionalist Party (PLC).

Additionally, 306 people were named as secondary members. These positions were distributed among all the other political parties and alliances.

In this way, the municipal committees will have the presence of members from the Nicaraguan Christian Way Party (CCN) (61), Nicaraguan Liberal Alliance Party (ALN), (51), Alliance for the Republic (APRE), (61), Independent Liberal Party (PLI) (62), and Citizens for Freedom (CxL Alianza) (63).

The regional party Yapti Tasba Masraka Nanih Asla Takanka (YATAMA) will have 8 members in the Municipal Electoral Councils of the Caribbean Coast.

Throughout this process of appointing representatives, the Nicaraguan electoral authorities also ensured that the "Gender Equity and Alternation" principle is complied with.

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