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4 Dead, 10 Injured as Van Turns Turtle in East Afghanistan

  • Van turned turtle in east Afghanistan. May. 3, 2023.

    Van turned turtle in east Afghanistan. May. 3, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@AndyVermaut

Published 3 May 2023

"...The accident led to the immediate demise of four individuals..."

On Wednesday, it was reported that a road accident had occurred in the eastern province of Paktia, Afghanistan, resulting in the death of no less than four commuters, with an additional ten individuals having sustained injuries.


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On Tuesday evening, an incident occurred in Halim Kala region, situated outside the provincial capital of Gardez City. According to statements given by Monib Zadran, a spokesman for the provincial administration, the accident was caused by technical difficulties resulting in the overturning of a car.

The accident led to the immediate demise of four individuals, including two women, while ten others sustained injuries.

This is the second road accident reported in Paktia province over the past five days.

A road crash of comparable nature ocurred in the Paktia province and resulted in the injury of thirteen commuters on the preceding Saturday.

Meanwhile, a cumulative tally of twelve fatalities and over thirty-three injuries were inflicted upon individuals involved in vehicular mishaps throughout Afghanistan beginning on Friday.

Road accidents resulting in fatalities in Afghanistan's mountainous and war-torn regions are largely attributed to substandard roads, irresponsible driving practices on overcrowded roads, and insufficient safety precautions during travel.


Monib Zadran
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