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Remembrance Day: 100 Year Anniversary

  • Remembrance Day: 100 Year Anniversary.

    Remembrance Day: 100 Year Anniversary. | Photo: By Eric Hill from Boston, MA, USA - Poppies in the Sunset on Lake GenevaUploaded by PDTillman, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=6910646

Published 11 November 2018

This Sunday marks 100 years since the end of World War I. 

People across the Commonwealth of Nations (incl. Australia, Canada, and the U.K.) will come together to remember those who died while in the line of duty during World War I. 


Remembrance Day Glorifies War—the White Poppy Tide Combats It

November 11 marks the day that the war ended, with the hostilities ending "on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month."

Generally, schools across the U.K. observe a minutes silence, while in Canada in all but four of the provinces, the country is granted a statutory holiday. 

The day has become synonymous with the hashtag slogan #lestweforget while the symbol of the poppy has become iconic through the years, with Lt Colonel John McCrae’s poem, 'In Flanders Fields,' written during the First World War, becoming an inspiration behind the meaning of the poppy.


Leaders from all over the world will be partaking in the various ceremonies, while some have already issued statements and speeches, such as Queen Elizabeth, who attended the Festival of Remembrance event at the Royal Albert Hall that featured performances by Tom Jones and Michael Palin.

Queen Elizabeth, 92, was joined by Prime Minister Theresa May, as well as her son and heir to the throne Charles, grandsons William and Harry and their wives Kate and Meghan.

Meanwhile, in Germany, Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a message of peace, stating, "The fact that we are starting a peace summit here tomorrow and that I will hold a speech there after the memorial for the end of World War One, which brought so much suffering to the world, that shows that today the will is there to - and I say that on behalf of the German Federal Republic - do everything in our hands to reach a more peaceful world order even though we know there is still a lot to do."

Merkel had earlier shared a sign of solidarity with French President Emmanuel Macron to signify the first time that French and German delegated had sat in the same place since Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany forced the surrender of French authorities after invading in 1940.

The two were celebrating the 1918 signing of the Armistice peace agreement, whereby a German delegation signed the Armistice before sunrise on Nov 11, 1918, in a private train belonging to the commander of French forces, Ferdinand Foch, parked on rail track running through the Compiegne Forest.

Hours later, at 11.00 a.m., the war ended.

Elsewhere, in New Delhi, Indian and British delegates recognized the services and sacrifices of those who fought in World War I.

The event was organised by the British High Commission in India, and included dancers and musicians as part of the entertainment.

India, under British colonial rule, was a large contributor of soldiers to World War I, providing troops who fought across the Middle East, Europe and East Africa.

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