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  • Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega greets Sandinista youth in Managua. July 19, 2020.

    Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega greets Sandinista youth in Managua. July 19, 2020. | Photo: Twitter / @VivaNicaragua13

Published 19 July 2020

Commander Daniel Ortega and Vice President Rosaro Murillo addressed the nation from the Plaza de la Revolucion on the historic anniversary.

Commander of the Sandinista National Liberation Front (FSLN) and President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, and Vice President Rosario Murillo addressed the nation in a special act at Managua’s Plaza de la Revolución, this Sunday, on the 41st anniversary of the Triumph of the Sandinista Popular Revolution.


Nicaragua: Festivities Mark 41st Anniversary of FSLN Revolution

Much of the President’s discourse was focused on Nicaragua’s achievements in the area of public health, and the need to advance the socialist approach to medicine, expanding the fundamental right: "Medicine for the poor, medicine for the humble, medicine for the workers, medicine for the people," said Ortega.

The head of the Sandinista government has attributed its successful handling of the COVID-19 pandemic to the strength of its fortified national healthcare system where massive investments have been made since 2006, and which serves Nicaraguans by way of health fairs, mobile clinics, while offering an array of exams and providing and increasing amount of specialized care.

Government investment in health has nearly quintupled since 2006 but despite the enormous efforts made within the national health system, President Ortega stressed the need to exercise protection at work, school and at home, in order to guard against the coronavirus.

However, as COVID-19 sweeps Latin America, making it the epicenter of the pandemic, the FSLN Commander declared, “the worst epidemic is the one that causes hunger, that of savage capitalism."

Apart from health, Sandinismo has made notable gains in the area of infrastructure, education, technology, gender equality, economic stability and in the fight against organized and transnational crime—while under intensifying attacks and sanctions imposed by the United States:

"Such a powerful empire raging against a country like Nicaragua, trying to harm the Nicaraguan people, trying to demoralize the Nicaraguan people, but the people have demonstrated in the most difficult circumstances that it is not a cowardly people, that they are a brave people.” 

It’s also been a day to remember the valiant efforts of the heroes and martyrs who gave their lives for a better and free homeland and to thank the National Police and the Nicaraguan Army for their important work in contributing to the maintenance of security and peace. 

Finally, President Ortega recalled the nation’s revolutionary history dating back to the 1927 to 1933 rebellion against the United States imperialist occupation, paving the way for present day battles:

 “We attest that what we said and swore in this plaza 41 years ago, exactly there in that place, at the foot of the National Palace, where our General Sandino is, where Carlos [Fonseca] is, we said it with the certainty that we were carrying the flag of the dignity of our General Sandino, which he bequeathed to Carlos and passed it to the Nicaraguan people (...) Our commitment is for peace, for unity, for the stability of the Nicaraguan people.”

"Those who raised the red and black flag with Sandino, to rescue the blue and white flag to expel the invaders," said Ortega.

"Sandino lives, the struggle continues! Free homeland or death!"

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