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Tanzanian Billionaire Freed One Week After Being Kidnapped

  • Tanzanian Billionaire Freed One Week After Being Kidnapped.

    Tanzanian Billionaire Freed One Week After Being Kidnapped. | Photo: Mohammed Dewji Official Twitter Account

Published 20 October 2018

Tanzania's richest person was snatched one week ago by kidnappers who held him for ransom, yet failed to cash-in.

Mohammed Dewji was beginning his early-morning workout in Tanzania's capital, Dar es Salaam when gunfire erupted, and masked men, armed with machine guns stormed the facility and snatched Africa's youngest billionaire, stuffing him into a waiting car, and speeding away.

Youngest African Billionaire Who Pledge Majority of Wealth to Charity Kidnapped

Throughout his ordeal, the man worth an estimated US$1.5B had his arms and legs tied, and was blindfolded. He could only identify his captors by their accent Dewji says, was "a Southern African dialect." 


Dar es Salaam's Police Commissioner, Lazaro Mambosasa told Reuters that Dewji was treated surprisingly well throughout the ordeal, "He told us that they treated him very well, and gave him food." 

Dewji's family had offered a reward of 1 billion Tanzania shillings ($440,000) for information leading to his release, although the kidnappers never specified how much they were looking for.

Four weapons, including an assault rifle and numerous bullets, were found in the car, which was partially damaged in a botched attempt to destroy evidence.

Dewji was found about 3:15 a.m. local time Saturday near a tennis court in the same city as he was abducted, although there has yet to be an announcement regarding his method of escape, or if indeed he did escape. 

While he took to Twitter to thank Allah for his safe return, he did confide to police officials that the kidnappers wanted money, but also seemed very afraid - despite being armed. 

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