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Argentina Charges 'Illegal Espionage' Against Ex-Top Officials

  • AFI ex-Director Gustavo Arribas (R) and Deputy Director Silvia Majdalani (L), Argentina.

    AFI ex-Director Gustavo Arribas (R) and Deputy Director Silvia Majdalani (L), Argentina. | Photo: Twitter/ @enlamiraradio

Published 21 December 2020

Leftist leader Cristina Fernandez was spied on by the Federal Intelligence Agency during the Macri administration.

A federal judge prosecuted Argentina's Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) ex-top officials for illegal espionage on the Homeland Institute and the house of current Vice President Cristina Fernandez.


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Mar del Plata Federal Chamber presented charges against AFI former Director Gustavo Arribas, his Deputy Director Silvia Majdalani, and the Special Operations chief Alan Ruiz for illegal surveillance carried out between July and August 2018.

They served in their posts during the administration of President Mauricio Macri (2015-2019). According to the investigations, at the request of Arribas and Majdalani, Ruiz verbally ordered field agents to carry out the spying activities. 

Likewise, ex-Counter-Intelligence chief Martin Coste has been also prosecuted for "ideological falsehood and abuse of authority."

Federal judge Juan Pablo Auge is in charge of the investigation, while also investigating AFI espionage on over 500 journalists, politicians, and unionists during Macri's presidential mandate.

Prosecutor Office highlighted that the officials ordered and coordinated the tasks of espionage on groups, movements, and activities contrary to the political interests of the Macri administration. They also arranged the preparation of false documents to make the facts appear legal.

This investigation would be the second case against Arribas and Majdalani after they were also accused by Federal Judge Alejo Ramos Padilla of alleged illegal political espionage in Buenos Aires province.

In 2016, AFI allegedly installed six intelligence bases in the Buenos Aires conurbation that were part of an intelligence structure in the province.

Likewise, nine other ex-agents were included in the accusations as they were considered 'co-authors' for having illegally obtained information, produced intelligence, and stored data on persons. 

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