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Panama Announces Agreement on Truckers With Costa Rica

  • Trucks stranded in Punta Canoas, Chiriqui, Panama. May 20, 2020.

    Trucks stranded in Punta Canoas, Chiriqui, Panama. May 20, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/@EFE_ACENTRAL

Published 21 May 2020

Truckers affirmed this decision unilaterally and Panama’s authorities had no part on it.

Panama´s government announced on May 20 a bilateral agreement with Costa Rican authorities to solve the transportation strand in borderline territories. 


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 “We have achieved a bi-national solution that allows Panamanian transporters to enter Costa Rica’s territory. I recognize the constructive management of Costa Rica’s canceller Rodolfo Solano Quirós in the search for a solution to Panamanian transporters,” Panama’s Foreign Affairs Minister Alejandro Ferrer tweeted. 

Panamanian truck drivers beached the borderline roads on May 16  after Costa Rica’s government ceased a goods carriage into the national territory to prevent the virus spreading. Truckers affirmed this decision is unilateral and Panama’s authorities had no part on it.

"Costa Rica limits transporter entry to its country. In view of this decision, an inter-institutional meeting was held."

According to Costa Rica’s authorities, about 38 Panamanian truck drivers tested positive for COVID and many of them were patient zero in contagious chains and prevented their entrance to the national territory.

Costa Rica’s Health Minister Daniel Salas affirmed his government would allow transportation under a health protocol to avoid driver  exposure to the virus and prevent local COVID spreading. 

As local news media said, the truck line was about 35 kilometers long in Paso Canoas. Those who are COVID infected claim they have not received health assistance, food aid, or shelter.

So far, Panama registered 9,977 positive cases, 287 deaths, and 6,194 recoveries. 

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