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US To Send More Military Forces to Europe Aimed Ukraine Crisis

  •  Joe Biden will send additional troops to Eastern Europe because of the escalation of the Ukraine crisis. Feb. 2, 2022.

    Joe Biden will send additional troops to Eastern Europe because of the escalation of the Ukraine crisis. Feb. 2, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@RealtorJairo

Published 2 February 2022

Last Friday, the White House disclosed Washington would send more troops to Eastern Europe aimed at the rising tensions around Ukraine.

After last Friday's announcement, released by Washington about sending more troops to the East of Europe under the pretext of the rising tensions around Ukraine, on Wednesday, Warsaw disclosed U.S. government would send 2 500 additional soldiers to Poland.

Why The United States Keeps Stoking Russia-Ukraine Tensions

According to the Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby's announcement, U.S. President Joe Biden has signed off for the building up of additional U.S. military forces in Eastern Europe, aimed to position troops in countries on NATO's eastern flank to "ensure a robust defense" of U.S. allies.

Kirby noted that the additional forces stationed in Poland, Romania, and Germany would not "fight in Ukraine," even so in the coming days, around 1 000 U.S. personnel will be stationed from Germany to Romania, and 2 000 will be sent from the U.S. to Poland and Germany, also "in the next few days." These forces are separate from the 8 500 troop-strong 'heightened alert' force that Washington would send to Europe if needed.

The spokesperson said that "these are not permanent moves. It's important that we send a strong signal to Mr. Putin and to the world," he said, referring to the U.S.' commitment' to NATO.
"We don't know if Russia made the final decision to invade Ukraine...[but] Russia clearly has the capability to invade Ukraine," Kirby underlined.

Jens Stoltenberg, NATO Secretary-General, supported Washington's decision to deploy to the three European countries, saying they come on top of other recent U.S. contributions to NATO's "shared security."

Moreover, U.S. officials said to the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday that over 2 000 would be sent to Poland and Germany from Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

In previous months, the U.S. government and NATO officials accused Russia of military buildup near the Ukrainian border in possible preparation to invade the country. Moscow has repeatedly denied these claims and accused Washington of exacerbating tensions as a pretext to expand the U.S. and military footprint in Eastern Europe.


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