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Lula’s Government To Resume the More Doctors Program in Brazil

  • Cuba doctors in Brazil

    Cuba doctors in Brazil | Photo: La Demajagua

Published 4 January 2023

Nesio Fernandes, Secretary of Primary Health Care of the Brazilian Ministry of Health, affirmed that the More Doctors program, which was terminated during the administration of the defeated President Jair Bolsonaro, will be resumed, it was learned today.

"The agenda to resume More Doctors is immediate. We want to place doctors in all Brazilian municipalities in a short period of time," Fernandes revealed, as quoted by a local newspaper.

He explained that now the priority will be to hire Brazilians, with registration in the regional councils and to offer vacancies to nationals trained abroad. After that, he specified foreigners would fill other positions.

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Established in 2013 during Dilma Rousseff's administration, More Doctors was intended to increase the number of professionals to provide care, mainly in cities in the interior of the country.

The doctors came from several nations, including Cuba, which revalidated on November 14, 2018, the solidary and humanistic vocation of its health professionals in dozens of countries, by announcing the departure of More Doctors from Brazil, in the face of conditionings and derogatory statements of the then elected ruler Bolsonaro about its specialists.

In 2019, the former military president replaced More Doctors with Doctors for Brazil.

However, according to Fernandes, until today, many of the vacancies of the Cuban doctors who left the South American giant "have not been filled."

As part of More Doctors, the Cuban Ministry of Public Health detailed in a communiqué that in the last five years, nearly 20,000 Cuban collaborators attended 113,359,000 patients in some 3,600 municipalities, "covering a universe of up to 60 million Brazilians".

Following the departure of the Caribbean doctors, current President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva Lula thanked the Cuban professionals who participated in the program and for Cuba helping other peoples of the world with their medicine.

"How good it would be if we had, like Cuba, doctors even to export to other countries," said the former trade unionist in a letter sent to the Cuban people following the termination of their participation in the program.

He assured that the bonds of fraternity between the peoples of Brazil and Cuba are much stronger than irrational hatred and the Cuban professionals "earned the affection and gratitude of millions of Brazilians."

"That is why I want to say to the people of Cuba: be very proud of your doctors and your medical schools. You have won millions of admirers, millions of grateful people in Brazil," the founder of the Workers' Party stressed on the occasion.

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