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China and Iran To Join Military Exercises in Russia

  • Tank passes in front of the troops in formation, China.

    Tank passes in front of the troops in formation, China. | Photo: Twitter/ @RussianPatrio17

Published 10 September 2020

Armenia, Belarus, Myanmar, and Pakistan will also take part in the Kavkaz-2020 military drills.

China's Defense Minister announced on Thursday that its country will send personnel to Russia to participate in the Kavkaz-2020 strategic military drills scheduled for Sept. 21-26.


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"The drills aim to further develop the China-Russia comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination for a new era, deepen practical cooperation in military training between the two militaries, and enhance the capacity of multinational forces to jointly respond to security threats and safeguard regional peace and stability, the Ministry stated, as reported by Xinhua.

The participating Chinese troops, mainly from the Western Theater Command, will carry wheeled equipment and light weapons. They are expected to be delivered by China's new transport aircraft.

Armenia, Belarus, Myanmar, Iran, Pakistan, and other countries will also take part in the drills, which are not related to any regional situations, according to the Chinese authorities.

“The Chinese contingent would be drawn from the People’s Liberation Army’s Western Theatre Command, whose jurisdiction encompasses the country’s troubled border with India,” the South China Morning Post reported.

“As well as ground troops, it would encompass armored vehicles and light weaponry, which would be flown direct to the drill locations,” it explained.

According to The Global Times, this is not the first time that China took part in large-scale strategic drills hosted by Russia.

In July 2019, both countries conducted their first joint strategic patrol in Northeast Asia, as the Global times recalled. Five months later, China, Russia, and Iran conducted naval drills in the Gulf of Oman.

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