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Brazil: Outrage After Police Steps on Black Woman's Neck

  • Black Lives Matters Brazil´s movement demonstrating in June, 2020

    Black Lives Matters Brazil´s movement demonstrating in June, 2020 | Photo: AFP/ Mauro Pimentel

Published 14 July 2020

Starting August at least 2,000 police officers will have body cameras.

Two members of the police were suspended and will face criminal charges after one of them stepped on the neck of black women in Sao Paulo.


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Following the outrage the images caused online, the city's governor, João Doria, said during a press conference on Monday that he wanted to make it clear that the State of São Paulo does not tolerate and will not tolerate any violent behavior. The governor included the Military Police, the Civil Police, the Fire Department, or any other police force that is under the command of the State of São Paulo.

The footage was broadcast over the weekend on the T.V. show Fantástico by the network Globo T.V. It shows a woman lying face down on the ground with the police officer driving his boot into her neck.

Meanwhile, the other police could be seen in the background dragging a second male individual who was later arrested.

"Last night the Brazilian press published another video of police violence. In May, military police balanced a cake on the neck of a black merchant from the outskirts of São Paulo. She suffered facial injuries, a broken leg, and claims that she fainted four times."

According to the network, the incidents took place on May 30, and a witness made the footage. However, it has caused outrage because of its similarity to the assassination of George Floyd.

"The more I struggled, the more his boot was pressed to my neck," the victim, a 51-year-old merchant recalled. She also added that she passed out four times while the police beat her.

In the aftermath of the scorn caused by the video, Doria said on his Twitter account that "The scenes shown in Fantastic are disgusting. The conduct of unnecessary violence by some police officers is unacceptable," pointing out that the officers had been removed from duty already.

The governor also announced that starting in August, at least 2,000 police officers will have body cameras.

Brazilians have lately mainly demonstrated against racism and police brutality in the country. One of the latest events was the death of 12-year-old Joao Pedro, who received 72 rounds from police guns while he was playing in his uncle's house.


João Doria
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