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Peruvian President Refutes Irregularities in Master Thesis

  • Peruvian president denies plagiarism on his master thesis. May. 4, 2022.

    Peruvian president denies plagiarism on his master thesis. May. 4, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@Globalmediamx

Published 4 May 2022

On Wednesday, the Peruvian president denied allegations of irregularities in his master thesis presented ten years ago.

Padro Castillo, Peru's President, commented on the allegations released about the master thesis he presented ten years ago at the Cesar Vallejo University. The information referred to some alleged copied parts in his master's thesis.

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The Peruvian head of state said that the report which disclosed the information about the copied parts that disclosed the copied parts' information was based on a software that claims Castillo had copied the information, describing it as "malicious."

"I deny any irregular act. The thesis work was validated under the respective educational quality standards. The research relied on an advisor and was supported in the presence of members of a qualifying jury who later awarded me the corresponding degree," said Castillo.

According to the President, the document presented by a TV news magazine lacks legitimacy, as it has no record or stamp confirming its credibility. "This complaint is political in tone and is part of a destabilizing plan," said Castillo.

He added that he has "not copied or attributed authorship (to myself) from third parties, as they irresponsibly attempt to make the population believe." He considers as concerning the fact that freedom of the press and expression lends itself to private and anti-democratic interests.

"Some media outlets insist on tarnishing my honor and undermining the legitimacy that the Peruvian people gave me in a transparent and democratic election endorsed by national and international organizations. The conspiracy by certain power groups and coup sectors is deplorable," he continued to say.

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