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MAS Social Bases Celebrate in Evo’s Home Region

  • MAS Senator-elect Andronico Rodriguez dances on stage at a victory celebration in Eterazama. October 25, 2020.

    MAS Senator-elect Andronico Rodriguez dances on stage at a victory celebration in Eterazama. October 25, 2020.

Published 25 October 2020

Crowds of youth welcomed newly elected lawmakers from the department of Cochabamba.

Bolivia’s social movements are carrying celebrations all through the weekend, as the country looks forward to the swearing in of President-elect Luis Arce.


Bolivia's Social Movements Hold Massive Victory Celebration

A largely young crowd gathered in the town of Eterazama on Sunday, located in the Chapare region, also known as the Tropico of Cochabamba, where Evo Morales first became a union leader.

The highly influential Senators-elect for the department of Cochabamba, Andronico Rodriguez and Leondardo Loza, addressed the crowd, in the region which is the most important stronghold for the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS).

The celebration included cultural performances including traditional Bolivian dance and music, and speeches from local and regional union leaders.

A massive official celebration was held on Saturday in El Alto, which saw the attendance of leaders and organizations from around the country and the presence of election winners Luis Arce and David Choquehuanca.

Cochabamba elected a high number of MAS lawmakers, including three Senators and 13 legislators to the Lower House. In comparison, Carlos Mesa’s Citizens’ Community party elected only one Senator and 6 legislators in the same department.

The region is known for its agricultural production which provides for all parts of the country, and it's particularly known for its Indigenous coca cultivation. One of the more well-known towns of the Chapare, is Villa Tunari, with its range of hotels and tourist attractions for national and international visitors alike.

While there remain questions as to how smooth the transition will be as the defacto administration prepares to leave office on November 8th, the country’s social movements are eagerly looking forward to the restoration of constitutionally and economic stability with their elected President.

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