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22 Pairings to Compete in the Argentine Primary Elections

  • Some candidates for the Argentine presidency in 2023.

    Some candidates for the Argentine presidency in 2023. | Photo: Twitter/ @ElEconomista_

Published 11 August 2023

The elections take place in a context marked by protests over the consequences of IMF-based policies and the repression against Indigenous Peoples in Jujuy.

On Sunday, the Argentines will attend the Primary, Open, Simultaneous, and Mandatory Elections (PASO) to choose those who will become candidates for the presidency.


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Those politicians who win the PASO will participate in the presidential elections on Octuber 22. In the event of a second round, the Argentines will go to the polls on November 19. The winner will assume the presidency on December 10.

The 2023 PASO will take place in a context marked by protests over the consequences of foreign debt, which forced President Alberto Fernandez to sign policy agreements with the International Monetary Fund (IMF).

The presidential race has also been marred by the repression against Indigenous Peoples in the province of Jujuy, where right-wing Gerardo Morales, who is also a candidate, imposed a Constitutional reform that facilitates large-scale mining operations.

“The Indigenous peoples' protests in Jujuy are not a reaction to the Constitutional reform. It is exactly the other way around: the reform is the subnational government's reaction to the growing organization of the Indigenous peoples, who seek to defend their territories,” writer Manuel Fontenla explained.

Below are the 22 presidential pairings that will seek to win the support of the militants of their parties in order to continue in the presidential race:

1-Union for the Homeland:

Light Blue & White list: Sergio Massa - Agustin Rossi

Just and Sovereign list: Juan Grabois - Paula Abal Medina

2- Together for Change

Change of Our Lives list: Horacio Rodriguez Larreta - Gerardo Morales

The Force of Change list: Patricia Bullrich - Luis Petri

3- Freedom Advances

Freedom Forever List: Javier Milei - Victoria Villarruel

4- We Do It for Our Country

We Do list: Juan Schiaretti - Florencio Randazzo

5- Left Front and Workers-Unit (FIT-U)

Unite and Strengthen the Left list: Myriam Bregman - Nicolás del Caño (PTS)

Fighters Unit list: Gabriel Solano (PO) - Vilma Ripoll (MST)

6- New MORE

Anti-Capitalist Left list: Manuela Castañeira - Lucas Ruiz

7- Labor Policy

Workers Unit list: Marcelo Ramal - Patricia Urones

8- Free South

Blue and Red list: Jesús Escobar - Marianella Lezama Hid

9- Principles and Values Front

Land, Roof, Work list: Guillermo Moreno - Leonardo Fabre

10- Federal Patriot Front

United Homeland list: Cesar Biondini - Mariel Avendaño

11- Liber.Ar Front

Demo list: Nazareno Etchepare - Fernando Lorenzo

Reconquest list: Ramiro Vasena - Víctor Lagonegro

12- Dignity Youth Left Movement (MIJD)

Dignity list: Raúl Castells - Adriana Reinoso

Confederal list: Santiago Cúneo - Gustavo Barranco

13- Youth Project

Peace, Democracy & Sovereignty list: Mempo Giardinelli - Barbara Salernou

United Homeland list: Martin Ayerbe Ortiz - Hugo Rodriguez

Todex list: Reina Xiomara Ibañez - Gonzalo Rodrigo Ibarra

14- Union of the Democratic Center

Argentina Liberal Opening list: Andrés Passamonti - Pamela Margaride Fernandez

15- National Order Neighborhood Action Movement

Neighborhood Commitment list: Humberto Albarracin - Dario Pastore.

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