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Japan: PM Decreed Quarantine Extension Until May 31

  • Abe Shinzo, Japan´s PM in press conference.  Tokio, Japan, May 4.

    Abe Shinzo, Japan´s PM in press conference. Tokio, Japan, May 4. | Photo: twitter/Journalist, former WSJ

Published 4 May 2020

The Japanese government has made these decisions under expert advice. 

Japan's government extended the nationwide quarantine and other preventive measures until May 31. Shinzo Abe, Japan Prime Minister, decreed the health emergency on April 7 and since then, the country has focused on isolation in order to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic. 


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Yasutoshi Nishimura, the Japanese minister tasked with controlling the COVID-19 outbreak, told local leaders and administrative officials that the extended quarantine period will help the country overcome this illness.

Abe stressed that May is crucial for pandemic containment. "This is the month to stop the spread of the infection and to prepare the next steps," Shinzo affirmed. 

“We determined that one month will be necessary to improve the strained health care system by keeping the number of new patients low while facilitating more patients to be discharged,” Shinzo said.

The Japanese premier encouraged citizens to isolate to prevent the spread of the illness. Furthermore, Abe prohibited public gatherings and social events until the illness is contained.

Despite those measures, Japan is under a relaxed quarantine. The local administrations and authorities implemented these measures based on advice from health officials. 

The Japanese leader also called his nationals to adopt   “new lifestyles” based around physical distancing, adding that the extension was “designed for us to prepare for the next step and put an end to the state of emergency”.

So far, Japan registered 15,253 positive cases, 556 deaths, and 4496 recoveries. 


Shinzo Abe
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