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Azerbaijani Attacks Leave 150 Armenian Soldiers Dead

  • Image of a trench.

    Image of a trench. | Photo: Twitter/ @bulutuzay_

Published 14 September 2022

The United Nations Security Council on Wednesday will analyze the situation of the conflict.

On Wednesday, Armenia's Defense Ministry denounced that Azerbaijan resumed attacks against its country's border areas despite ongoing fire in the region.


Russia Works as a Mediator in Armenia-Azerbaijan Conflict

Azerbaijani military forces used artillery, mortars and large-caliber firearms to attack civilian and military targets in the towns of Jermuk and Verin Shorzha. Meanwhile, Azerbaijan has accused Armenian forces of firing on its positions in the Kelbajar and Lachin regions.

These accusations come a day after Russia announced a ceasefire in the region, in an attempt to prevent an escalation of the conflict between the two former Soviet republics. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan confirmed that 105 soldiers from his country had died.

The situation across the border remains tense and the enemy has resumed intensive artillery strikes and massive use of drones, the Armenian Defense Ministry said, adding that "the Armenian forces are taking appropriate measures for an adequate response to the enemy."

A few hours earlier, the Armenian Parliament president Alen Simonyan stated that the Azerbaijani bombings had left victims among the civilian population, but he did not specify the number of those affected.

Local media reported the evacuation of over 2,500 people from border areas and the suspension of classes in two regions bombed by Azerbaijani forces.

The new clashes between the two countries have put the international community on alert. At the request of Francia, the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Wednesday will analyze the situation of the conflict.


Alen Simonyan
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