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Irish PM: Brexit Talks Progressing But Gap Still Wide

  • Irish PM sees progress but not enough to reach an agreement

    Irish PM sees progress but not enough to reach an agreement

Published 15 October 2019

Both negotiation teams are working on an agreement before the end of the week

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has announced that Brexit talks are "moving forward", but the gap between the UK and the EU remains "quite large".


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Negotiators are rushing to conclude an agreement in time for a key EU conference on Thursday, but the Finnish Prime Minister warned on Tuesday that there was no "practical or legal way" to reach an agreement by then.

Addressing to the presidency of the European Council, Finnish Premier, Antti Rinne, said he doesn’t see an agreement possibility this week and that more time is needed.

"Although many officials accept that some progress is being made at a technical level, a political leap by the British Prime Minister is still needed," he said.

This comments were rejected by Boris Johnson, although the British PM spokesman refused to set a deadline for the talks to come to an end.

Earlier, EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier told EU-27 ministers in Luxembourg that the UK's latest proposals "were still not good enough".

Barnier told ministers that it was "time to turn good intentions into a legal text" and optimisticaly emphasized the intensity of the work thats being done in Brussels with eyes on reaching an agreement.

"Although a settlement will be difficult to achieve, it has become increasingly difficult to be honest, I still think it is possible for this week," he said.


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