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Iran’s COVID-19 Vaccine Is 93.5 Percent Efficient

  • Researching a COVID-19 vaccine at a laboratory in Iran.

    Researching a COVID-19 vaccine at a laboratory in Iran. | Photo: Twitter/ @NguynPh70649517

Published 23 June 2021

The "COV-Iran Barekat" vaccine has even demonstrated efficiency in the fight against the British strain.

On Wednesday, Iranian authorities announced that the "COVIran Barekat" vaccine achieved an efficacy of 93.5 percent in its clinical trials.


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“The results of the first trial phase showed that it is safe and the results of the second phase on a group of people aged 18 to 75 years old showed that the blood serum of the vaccinated people has 93.5 percent ability to neutralize the coronavirus,” said Hassan Jalili, the director of the COVIran Barekat Project.

This scientist also announced that the complete documentation on the COVIran Barekat vaccine will be sent to the World Health Organization (WHO) when the researchers obtain the data from the third phase of clinical trials.

This Persian vaccine has already been requested by 12 countries in Asia, South America, and Europe. So far, the COVIran Barekat has even shown efficiency in the fight against the British strain.

Currently, Iran is also developing other COVID-19 vaccines, among which the Razi COV-Pars and Fajra are already in the process of clinical trials.

On Monday, Health Minister Said Namaki announced that the Iranian version of the Russian Sputnik V vaccine will be released to the public on June 26.

He also mentioned that his country is implementing scientific cooperation for the development of Cuba's Soberana-02 vaccine, whose third phase of clinical trials is taking place simultaneously in both countries.


Hassan Jalili
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