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West Bank: Israeli Police Leaves 219 Palestinians Injured

  • Israel Police suppress Palestinian Flag March in East Jerusalem, leaving over 200 wounded.

    Israel Police suppress Palestinian Flag March in East Jerusalem, leaving over 200 wounded. | Photo: Twitter @MiddleEastMnt

Published 30 May 2022

Israeli repression left some 219 civilians injured amid clashes with Palestinians following the Zionist 'flag march' in Nablus and other cities in the occupied West Bank.

The Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that several areas of the occupied West Bank were the scene of confrontations between Palestinians and Israelis in the framework of the so-called 'march of the flags' in which thousands of Israeli ultranationalists demonstrated to reaffirm their alleged sovereignty over Al-Quds (Jerusalem).


Arab League Warns Against Jewish Nationalist March in Jerusalem

This event is rejected by the Palestinian population as signifying the beginning of the occupation of this holy city in 1967.

A correspondent of the aforementioned agency reported that the clashes in Nablus broke out at the Hawara checkpoint and in the town of Beita, south of Nablus, during which the occupation forces fired bullets, tear gas and sound bombs, leaving at least 219 wounded, 16 of them shot.

According to data from WAFA's reporter, in Beita, four civilians were injured by gunfire, two by rubber-coated steel balls and 27 more had to be treated for asphyxiation due to tear gas. The injured have been transferred to Rafidia Hospital. 


Likewise, four other civilians have been shot and wounded in the Hawara checkpoint area, where seven more civilians have been counted wounded by rubber-coated steel balls, five by burns, three by falls and 63 by asphyxiation.

Clashes have also taken place in the West Bank towns of Burqa, Bazaria, Burin, Qusra and Cyrenaica, where Israeli forces used tear gas and sound bombs against protesters and homes. Many areas of the occupied West Bank remain the scene of heavy clashes between Palestinians and Israel's encroaching forces. 

Palestinian protesters have waved Palestinian flags and banners in the main streets of Tubas, Jenin and Tulkarm to express their rejection of the provocative 'flag march'. These tensions have come after last week, the Tel Aviv regime gave the green light for the realization of the 'march of flags', on the occasion of the so-called 'Jerusalem Day', which marks the occupation of Al-Quds in 1967. 

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