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Gaza Reopens Its Commercial Stores During Ramadan

  • Ramadan nights in Gaza, Palestine.

    Ramadan nights in Gaza, Palestine. | Photo: Twitter/ @AhmedShameya

Published 27 April 2020

To date, the territory has 17 COVID-19  cases, 10 of which have recovered, and no deaths.

The Gaza Strip reopened its restaurants and coffee shops to the public during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, after no new cases of COVID-19 were reported for a week.


Gaza Running out of Coronavirus Tests: Health Minister

On the holy days of Ramadan, Muslims usually go out into the streets at night in a festive atmosphere.

The opening of shops will be accompanied by rigorous measures to prevent a wave of new infections with the disease, according to authorities from the Ministry of Economy of Gaza.

The restrictive measures include the closure of mosques, churches, schools, universities and markets.

Even so, most of the population does not respect the instructions, and circulates on the streets normally, according to local media reports.

To date, the territory has 17 people infected with the new coronavirus. Of these, 10 have been recovered, and no deaths have been recorded.

The seven infected people still recovering are isolated in a quarantine centre on the border with Egypt.

The decision to reopen restaurants and coffee shops in Gaza during Ramadan coincides with the easing of restrictions in several Muslim countries in the region. 

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