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Fatalities in the US Caused by Tornadoes Exceed 90

  • Kentucky after devastation from the tornado. Dec. 2021.

    Kentucky after devastation from the tornado. Dec. 2021. | Photo: Twitter/@DantazInferno

Published 15 December 2021

President Joe Biden will visit Kentucky, Fort Campbell, Mayfield and Dawson Springs to survey the damages of the tornado.

President Joe Biden is scheduled to survey Kentucky's damage due to the tornado, holding a meeting with the victims and making some remarks about the fatalities that the disaster left behind across six states in the central parts of the country.

The trip will include visiting Fort Campbell for a storm briefing, Mayfield and Dawson Springs to survey storm damage. Compared with Arkansas, Illinois, Missouri, Mississippi and Tennessee, Kentucky was the hardest hit with an average of 80 deaths aged from 2 months to 98 years and over 100 unaccounted for.

In the meantime, in Edwardsville, Illinois, an Amazon warehouse is being investigated for the deadly collapse caused by the tornado on Friday. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating the devastated area and the six Amazon workers killed by the incident.

"Tornado activity has waned in the Great Plains -- historically known as 'Tornado Alley' -- while picking up in the southeastern U.S., a manufacturing-rich region increasingly critical to the nation's supply chain," CBS reported on Tuesday about the incidents of December 10 to 11.

People received text alerts and radio alerts from local officials and forecasters, as part of the early signaling systems placed throughout the country, to give them enough time to find refuge.

The tornado caught residents, businesses and cities by surprise due to its speed, power, and duration. It is estimated it reached over 200 miles an hour wind speed, making it an EF5, the highest level on the Enhanced Fujita scale rating system.

"Tornadoes tend to form where cold, dry air clashes with warm, humid air. These contrasts are maximized over the mid-latitudes, where the majority of Earth's tornadoes occur. A good-size portion of the Lower 48 sits smack-dab in t


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