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  • Peter Wickham on a exclusive interview in teleSUR's news show From the South.

    Peter Wickham on a exclusive interview in teleSUR's news show From the South. | Photo: @telesurenglish

Published 5 December 2019

Wickham: "The sense we got when we did our polling was that DLP had all in favor to prevail in tomorrow's election."

Polling expert, Peter Wickham was interviewed by teleSUR and exposed his criteria on polls results regarding Dominica's current situation with just a few hours away from a general election.


Dominica: Court Rejects Opposition Attempt to Stop Election

 Peter Wickham, from the Caribbean Development Research Services, told teleSUR that during polls carried out a month ago, the Labour Party (DLP), led by Prime Minister Skerrit, had a definitive advantage towards tomorrow's election.

"The sense we got when we did our polling a month ago, was that the government's Labour Party was doing pretty well and had all in favor to prevail in tomorrow's election."

"When I see these protests, and I see this reaction, it tells me that the opposition is convinced that they are not doing well and they need to step out to this level of violence in order to take some action," he added.

Wickham also said he is worried about the economic impact that these violent protests will have on the country, and added that destabilizing the country won't help to celebrate democratic elections or to actually promote the so-called change the United Worker Party (UWP) is allegedly supporting.

On that matter, Dominica's Tourism Minister, Robert Tonge, said in an exclusive interview with teleSUR that protests could cause huge economic damage as Dominica gets nearly 350 million USD of yearly income from tourism, so there is a lot at stake if the violent acts by the opposition continue to cause flight and cruise ships cancellations.

Especially now, that voters main concern is the economic development of the country, an aspect where the Labour party was also very ahead after a great recovery from hurricane Maria.

In addition, according to Wickham,  the Labour Party, took another determinant step in winning popularity for tomorrow's election, by having created a more appealing campaign for the younger population.

He concluded that the OAS as a body might not be intervening in Dominica's situation but there have been 'inaccurate comments from U.S. representatives to the OAS that sometimes were even insulting to government policies and projecting an image about the country different from the one I know to be true.'

'The American representative to the OAS seems to have a perspective that is definitely not comfortable with Dominica's current government.'

Protests and road blockades have continued in Dominica as Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, addressed the nation the night before and called for an end to violence.

Through a statement, Dominica's PM made it clear that "fair and peaceful elections" will take place in Dominica, and made a call for those who use violence as a means to damage the country, and the country's economy and people to desist in their actions.

"I appeal once again to those acting under the direction of persons who should know better to desist from the flagrant violations of the law, please. walk away from your lawless behavior." Skerrit said.

He added that "as Prime Minister of this country, I have asked the high command of the police force to make clear that law and order must to be maintained, and as of tonight, public traitors of lawlessness who endanger the rights and wellbeing of citizens and visitors must be deal with, utilizing the full force of the law."

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