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Brazil: Dilma to Open University Course on 2016 'Coup'

  • Former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff.

    Former Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff. | Photo: EFE

Published 8 August 2018

“It's our idea to raise awareness among people," said the course's coordinator, Thomas Bustamante.

Former Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff will participate, as a professor, in the inaugural Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) course titled “A Coup Deemed Impeachment,” which addresses the motives and process behind the parliamentary impeachment process against Brazil's first female president in 2016.

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The course, which takes place in the city of Belo Horizonte, is part of the University's law faculty and undergraduate program. It will be held two days each week for four months, totaling 32 classes and 30 different professors, and offered to university students, as well as the general public.

“It's our idea to raise awareness among people, because, from the bottom of my heart, I'm scared to death that this happens again. The recurrence of this process may actually turn into a global phenomenon,” Thomas Bustamante, the course's coordinator, said.

He pointed out that, apart from promoting the course on social media, he will record all of the classes and compile the material into a book.

Apart from the dubious technical aspect surrounding Dilma's impeachment in 2016, the former head of state has often reminded supporters of the misogynistic fervor accompanying the process.

“Dilma is a harsh woman; men are firm; Dilma is emotionally unstable, men are sensible," she tweeted.

“I was (considered) 'obsessive-compulsive with work,' men are dynamic and hard-workers. The misogyny game is well employed by those who use it,” she added.

She also admitted that some advisors, fearing that she would be disrespected and personally afflicted by her accusers, insisted that she not attend the Senate debate and vote that would consecrate her impeachment last year.

“I made a huge effort not to allow it to diminish, paralyze or torment me,” she wrote, adding that an internal private campaign played a significant role in her removal from office.

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