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Cuba’s Airport in Matanzas Ready for More International Flights

  • Condor airline flight from Germany arrives in Matanzas. October 31, 2020.

    Condor airline flight from Germany arrives in Matanzas. October 31, 2020.

Published 1 November 2020

One by one, Cuba is re-opening all of its international airports to foreign travelers.

The Juan Gualberto Gómez International Airport in Cuba’s northern region of Matanzas is receiving a refreshing number of foreign visitors since flight operations resumed with Europe earlier this week, following months of closure to commercial flights.


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The airport provides access to Varadero, one of the main tourist destinations for sun and beaches in the Caribbean and the world. 

With the restoration of flights comes the implementation of a number of biosecurity protocols, certified by the Cuban Ministries of Public Health, Transportation, Aeronautics and Aviation Organizations on a global scale.

260 passengers from the UK arrived on the 23rd, to kick off operations from Europe following more than seven months of closure amid the COVID-19 restrictions. The airport is now receiving flights from Germany with six weekly flights from two German cities.

“This flight marks the re-opening of the tourist season in Varadero. A destination which has been presented to many countries of the world as a destination which is safe and we are ready to re-open and sure that we’ll have success.” said Mintur Matanzas representative, Ivis Fernandez Peña of the first European flight.

On the 23rd, commercial travel from Mexico resumed—one of the countries which enjoys Cuban beaches and tourism the most.

Director General of the Juan Gualberto Gomez airport, Jose Antonio Garcia Manso, says that the airport is preparing to resume flights from Canada following its re-opening to the European market.

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