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Cuba Rejects Bolivian Coup Leaders Pretexts To Break Relations

  • The statement highlighted that the de facto government has the goal of deteriorating relations with Cuba.

    The statement highlighted that the de facto government has the goal of deteriorating relations with Cuba. | Photo: @CubaMINREX

Published 26 January 2020

The Cuban Foreign Affair Minister released a statement rejecting the Bolivian putschist government claims that Cuba has been hostile towards Bolivia.

The Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs released a statement Saturday rejecting the decision of the Bolivian putschist Government to suspend diplomatic relations with Cuba, “claming that the Cuban Government has systematically affected bilateral relations and has been hostile towards the Bolivian authorities”.


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The statement rejected the “unfounded allegations of Bolivia’s de facto government” and highlighted that several members of that unconstitutional government have been the ones carrying out systematic actions to deteriorate and hinder bilateral relations with Cuba.

“The acting authorities deployed a ferocious campaign of lies and distortions against Cuba, particularly against Cuba’s medical cooperation, and publicly encouraged the commission of violent acts against our health staff, which included brutal, illegal and unjustified raids and searches, false allegations and the detention of Cuban cooperation workers,” the statement reads.

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs| Cuba rejects pretexts from Bolivian coup authorities to suspend diplomatic relations. 

A Cuban Foreign Affairs comunique recalled  that  the Bolivian Presidential Message aired on January 22nd included an offensive reference to the Cuban health personnel, labeling them as “fake Cuban doctors”, with complete disregard for the altruistic and professional work of our health staff.

In that message was also said that 80 percent of the funds of the Cuban Medical Brigade in Bolivia were being transferred to Cuba “to finance the Castro-communist system that subjugates and enslaves the Cuban people.”

According to the Cuban statement, the so called Minister of Health “shamelessly exaggerated the amounts of the stipends earned by Cuban medical specialists, which were in fact lower than the ones earned by Bolivian general practitioners.

In that time, he also failed to mention that Cuba did not receive a single cent from that cooperation as the money earned by the Cuban Medical Brigade in Bolivia was never transferred to Cuba and was used to cover the expenses of the Cuban cooperation workers in that country.

The statement concludes saying that “the Bolivian putschist authorities should not hold Cuba responsible for their decision to sever diplomatic relations between both countries”.

“Hostile and offensive actions have not emanated from our Government or our people.  Cuba has acted with patience and prudence, defending and protecting its nationals and avoiding any confrontation, despite the reprehensible behavior of the putschists.” statement said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterates its respect for the norms and principles of International Law that govern relations among States and strict compliance of its obligation not to interfere, either directly or indirectly, in the internal affairs of other States.


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