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It's Time to Say Enough!, Italy Strikes Against War, Inflation

  • The tweet reads,

    The tweet reads, "NO to war. NO to an expensive life. United, we are invincible, Torino Grassroots Union," Dec. 2. 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @NuevaRevoluci0n

Published 2 December 2022

"The better-off classes continue to be favored through subsidized taxation," the Italian workers denounced.

On Friday, the grassroots unions (USB) called on Italians to join a general strike against Prime Minister Georgia Meloni, the war, and inflation.


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The collective action is taking place successfully in the main Italian cities such as Torino, Milano, La Spezia, Bologna, Parma, Livorno, Pisa, Napoli, Scalea, Messina, and Catania.

On Saturday, the workers' movilization will continue in Rome, where a procession will depart from the Republic Square at 2:00 p.m. local time.

The Meloni administration "should have worked to improve low wages and pensions, reintroduce greater fiscal progressivity, strengthen social safety nets, and freeze prices of basic goods and services. Instead, it did the exact opposite," USB said.

"While the policy actions on pensions have been negligible, the better-off classes continue to be favored through subsidized taxation," it added.

The tweet reads, "General strike. It is time to say enough!"

The Meloni Administration has also "continued the war against the poor started by previous administrations," the Italian workers denounce, specifying that it has hit basic incomes and reduced tax breaks for families. In the meantime, however, the far-right administration confirms privileges for companies.

The italian grassroots unions are also mobilized to demand a new law that introduces the "crime of homicide and serious injuries" at the workplace into the penal code.

"This would be a deterrent to those who want to accumulate profit by reducing or bypassing security," USB said, recalling that there have been 709 workplace deaths since January.

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