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COVID-19: Mexico Plans To Vaccinate 25 Million People

  • A child waits to be vaccinated in India

    A child waits to be vaccinated in India | Photo: Twitter/ @KentPage

Published 13 September 2020

The Covax platform follows 40 projects in various stages to count as many vaccines as possible.

The Mexican Ministry of Health announced to the World Health Organization (WHO) on Sunday its willingness to vaccinate about 25,000,000 people against COVID-19, regardless of whether the vaccine requires one or two doses.


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The epidemiology director José Luis Alomia said in a press conference that " the Covax platform offers to ensure a specific proportion of doses for the population of the subscribed countries, and in this case for Mexico would be 25 million vaccines or, rather, 25 million people who require the vaccine.”

In a statement issued by the entity, it was made public that this is the first step of those that will have to be taken to ensure universal and free access to the vaccine, by all people who need it.

They stressed that the terms of the economic agreement to participate in Covax have yet to be finalized after a letter of intent was delivered to the multinational organization two weeks ago.

Alomía commented that she insisted that one of the advantages of the Covax initiative is that the platform integrates all the development stages of the different vaccines, including the six or seven that are in phase three of the clinical trials.

As of Thursday, Mexico's health authorities registered 663,973 COVID-19 cases, 70,604 deaths, and 467,525 recoveries from the virus.

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