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Argentine Women Sports Reporters Denounce Sexual Harassment

  • The #JournalistUnited call to follow the movement on Instagram. #

    The #JournalistUnited call to follow the movement on Instagram. # "We will not be silent anymore" at the bottom. | Photo: Instagram @periodistasunidas

Published 19 August 2018

Argentine sports reporters and advocates are uniting under #PeriodistasUnidas to expose rampant sexual harassment female sports anchors face on the job. 

Argentine women sports journalists, tired of rampant sexual harassment within their profession are organizing under the banner, "Journalists United", to denounce the harassments they face in the world of sports journalism, which they say is "very macho."

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Under the motto "We will not be silent anymore", the professionals made public a series of situations in which they have been sexually harassed on the job over the past several years.

"Several of us had to leave our love for the profession because of these problems," said sports journalist Carolina Adamo. She commented that for many of her male colleagues "it is rare for a woman to sit and analyze a soccer game or write a sports news."

Adamo and other journalists spoke publicly, many of them for the first time, against Argentine radio sportscaster, Diego Fleitas who sexually harassed several of his female colleagues, in person and via Whatsapp messages.

"Diego Fleitas harassed me on Twitter, asked me for my number. He sent other girls Whatsapps (messages), very strongly harassing them. It's a difficult situation," says the media professional.

At least four other women journalist have come forward saying that they too were continually harassed by Fleitas. They posted Whatsapp messages Fleitas had written them over the past two years in which he said he was having sex with them in his bed and also insulted them by saying no one would want to have sex with them besides him. Each time the women strongly told Fleitas to stop sending them the violent messages.

The women are making their hashtag #PeriodistasUnidas (#UnitedJournalists) present on several social media platforms, such as Twitter and Instagram.

This isn't the first time that female sports journalists in Latin American have come out against their sexual aggressors.

Last April, Maria Fernanda Mora, a journalist for Fox Sports Mexico, while reporting live after a soccer match in Guadalajara, turned around and began hitting a male fan with her microphone, yelling at him, "don’t touch me" after he stood behind Mora grabbing her "glutes" several times, explained the sportscaster.

The scene went viral on social media.

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