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Strike By Aviation Security Workers In Germany

  • The Ver.di union called warning strikes for today, Thursday and Friday. Apr. 20, 2023.

    The Ver.di union called warning strikes for today, Thursday and Friday. Apr. 20, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@TAGTravel_Za

Published 20 April 2023

Workers are demanding higher wages to offset the rising cost of living.

On Thursday, German airports in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, and Cologne Bonn were brought to a virtual standstill by a new round of strikes called by the German Union ver.di. 

Transport Workers' Strike Paralyzes Germany

The United Services Union (ver.di) warned of "long waiting times and even flight cancellations" in the context of the strike at these airports that "usually starts on Wednesday night into Thursday and ends on Friday night into Saturday." 

According to the German Airport Association (ADV), some 100 000 travelers will be affected by the strikes. According to the association, at least 700 outbound flights will be canceled. 

ver.di has also called air security workers at Stuttgart Airport "to a full-day warning strike on Friday, April 21, 2023."

The union is demanding an "increase in overtime surcharges for night work, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, as well as an improved collective agreement for overtime pay for security and service personnel at commercial airports." At the moment, there is no progress in sight.

"We call on the BDLS to finally present a negotiable offer at the negotiations on April 27 and 28 in order to avoid further strikes and end the dispute before Whitsuntide," said Wolfgang Pieper of the union that has been negotiating with the Federal Association of Aviation Security Companies (BDLS) for years.

According to Pieper, "Work at the airports must become more attractive in order to retain aviation security specialists and recruit new ones in order to avoid long waiting times for holidaymakers."

Meanwhile, traffic disruptions are also expected, as the German trade union EVG also called a nationwide transport strike for Friday. Rail operator Deutsche Bahn will be affected, with disruptions expected in 50 companies.

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