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Colombia: Transgender Woman's Murder Sparks Protests in Cali

  • A man holds a sign that reads,

    A man holds a sign that reads, "Juliana did not die, she was killed," during a protest in Cali, Colombia, Sept. 24, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @PublimetroCol

Published 25 September 2020

One of the bullets fired indiscriminately by the Army killed Juliana Giraldo while she was driving.

Dozens of citizens took to the streets of Cali, in the Cauca Department, in rejection of transgender woman Juliana Giraldo's murder at the hands of Colombia's National Army.


Riot Police Are Not Excessively Violent, Colombia's Govt. Says

The protesters stood outside Cali's Military Battalion with signs reading, "Juliana did not die, Juliana was killed," alluding to the shooting against the young unarmed woman in Cauca.

"We reject the Army's crime. We urge the immediate resignation of Defense Minister Carlos Trujillo and demand explanations about her murder," Del Rosario University professor Sebastian Vargas said.

On Thursday, the Army shot at Juliana's vehicle while she drove through Miranda municipality. Eyewitnesses say the military fired indiscriminately.

"Stop with the 'rotten apples' discourse to justify systematic violence! We urge reform of those institutions supposed to take care of the citizens," activist Gina Cortez tweeted.

During the protests, a police officer pulled out his detonation gun and fired without harming anyone. Despite this incident, the protest ended peacefully.

"We are outraged with the Army, which has become a force that produces distrust. It has not shaken off its violent heritage. Colombia needs a change," social leader Alfredo Mondragon tweeted.

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