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Colombia: Social Actors to Debate Country's Armed Conflict

  • Peaceful demonstration during national strike in Colombia, November, 2019

    Peaceful demonstration during national strike in Colombia, November, 2019 | Photo: EFE

Published 4 March 2020

"Listening Spaces" will be the ideal opportunity to exchange stories and truths about the country's reality.

Representatives of all social sectors in Colombia will reflect next week on the country's armed conflict, thanks to the initiative "Espacios de Escucha" (Listening Spaces), promoted by the Truth Commission and the result of the Peace Agreement signed by the Colombian State and the former guerrilla group FARC-EP.


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The Truth Commission informed this Wednesday that listening spaces be held on March 9th, which will be the ideal opportunity to exchange stories and truths about the reality of the country, which is experiencing a wave of extreme violence against ex-guerrilla fighters and human rights defenders.

"We will raise our voices from every sector of society," the Truth Commission announced in a statement on Wednesday, referring to the initiative that is part of the organization's strategy of listening to the people.

At the event, former members of the extinct FARC-EP will share their views on the killing of former combatants who signed the peace agreement, the absence of security guarantees from the government of President Ivan Duque, and other acts of violence that occurred between 2016 and 2020. 

"This March 9th, at 2 p.m., the Truth Commission starts its first 'Espacio de Escucha' (Listening Space), where former members of the FARC and their families will come to present their story regarding the killing of ex-combatants and guarantees of security." 

According to the communiqué, social, economic, political, cultural and institutional actors and sectors, including political parties, businessmen and ex-combatant men and women, have been invited to the meeting.

The Commission also detailed that the event will be attended by "people with disabilities, lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender people, children, adolescents and youth, ethnic peoples and journalists, among others.

During this year, at least eight listening spaces, which will have a national impact, and another 56 at the territorial level, will be held.​​​​​​​


Ivan Duque
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