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Colombia: Protests Over Lack of Food Aid Persist

  • Demonstration and roadblock in Nariño, Bogotá, Colombia April 30th.

    Demonstration and roadblock in Nariño, Bogotá, Colombia April 30th. | Photo: Twitter/@El_Cooperante

Published 1 May 2020

Protestesters will refrain from violent demonstrations and requested Bogota’s mayor presence.

Colombian protests continue due to a lack of food aid and financial help. Bogota citizens demonstrated and blocked roads despite COVID-19 preventive measures.

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As local news media reported, Barrio Quindío inhabitants gathered at the San Cristobal locality. Crowds surpassed 20 people. Protesters stated their will not to use violent demonstrations and requested Bogota's mayor presence.

Claudia Lopez, Bogota's administrative leader, said that she was doing everything possible to ensure economic aid. The "Bogotá Solidarity at Home" program reaches the neediest families. Despite these affirmations,  many residents of the capital's most impoverished neighborhoods claim that they have not received help from the District Administration.

"Claudia Lopez, we request your presence and support with help in the neighborhood Quindio San Cristobal Sur, thanks."

In the Buenaventura community, protesters blocked main roads to stop carriage trucks. As witnesses and news media informed, more than 500 people were at the protests.

Buenaventura inhabitants stated that warehouses with food and other essential supplies are available, but the government is not distributing them. Julio Cesar Biojo, Cascajal Island's Mayor, stresses delay on deliveries for citizens who have not subscribed to the official aid website. Neighbors explain they cannot wait amid the food crisis. 

For their part, Santa Fe inhabitants criticized the military presence for aid delivery, accusing Bogota authorities of discrimination. Santa Fe residents are predominately LGBTQI community members, migrants, and other minorities. 

In La Buitrera, farmers and other citizens demonstrated due to lack of food and the absence of aid from the mayor's office. The rural region is one of Cali's poorest localities.

So far, Colombia registers 6,507 positive cases, 293 deaths, and 1,439 recoveries.


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