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Colombia Announces Military Offensive to Stop Massacres

  • A student draws a graffiti during a protest against massacres in Bogota, Colombia, August 28, 2020.

    A student draws a graffiti during a protest against massacres in Bogota, Colombia, August 28, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 31 August 2020

Shortly after the official announcement, authorities reported a new massacre in Antioquia.

Colombia's Military Forces Saturday announced a new offensive to stop the massacres in which over 180 people have died since the beginning of August.


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"The security forces will confront the criminals. We are trying to minimize the massacres in the country. To achieve this, we will go to the roots of this violence: drug trafficking," Military Forces Commander Luis Navarro informed.

In the Cauca Department, the latest massacre in El Tambo municipality, where six people were killed, was linked to activities related to drug trafficking.

"Drug trafficking is responsible for many of these mass murders," Navarro explained as he assured the Prosecutor's Office, National Police and Military Forces are already investigating the events.

Shortly after the military announced the offensive, authorities reported a new massacre in the rural area of Taraza, in the Antioquia Department.

Twin brothers Wilmer Ramirez and Edil Ramirez, who had been missing since August 27, were found with their throats slit and with traces of torture.

"These young people asked for protection and the authorities did nothing about it. The government just looks the other way as it blames everything on the drug trade," Lawmaker Aida Avella said.

Taraza's authorities reported that two other young men have been missing since Monday. One of them is a social leader's son.

As of August 25, 2020, Colombia reported 46 massacres in which 185 people were killed, according to the Institute of Studies for Peace Development (Indepaz).

Antioquia records 10 massacres, the highest number in the country.

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