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China Lashes Out the US Over New Trade Restrictions

  • Zhao Lijian addresses U.S. sanctions on companies, Beijing, China, Sept. 7, 2020.

    Zhao Lijian addresses U.S. sanctions on companies, Beijing, China, Sept. 7, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @zlj517

Published 7 September 2020

Washington could add another Chinese company to the Commerce Department’s Entity List.

China’s Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian Monday denounced that the United States is persecuting his country's companies after the Department of Defense threatened Beijing’s largest chip manufacturer with cutting off their goods and services supplies.


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On Saturday, the Department of Defense said that it would add Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC) to its "Entity List."

This means that SMIC would be unable to obtain U.S.-made parts given that Washington might block national tech firms from providing it supplies.

“China has made a solemn stand on the U.S.′ unprovoked suppression on Chinese companies,” Zhao said.

The Entity List is over 270-pages long and contains a list of certain foreign persons, institutions, and governments that are subject to license requirements to make commercial operations with the U.S. over certain items.

 According to Zhao, for a while, “U.S. has generalized the concept of national security and used state power to set all kinds of restrictions on Chinese companies.”

Zhao also pointed out that what the U.S. you have been doing destroying international economic regimes and fair competition.”

“This not only breaks international trade rules and global industry supply and value chains but also spoils national interests and image of the U.S. itself,” he said.


Zhao Lijian
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