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Chile: Police Repress March of Health Workers

  • A woman covers herself from the throwing water car during a protest, Santiago, Chile, Sept. 4, 2020.

    A woman covers herself from the throwing water car during a protest, Santiago, Chile, Sept. 4, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 7 September 2020

Right-wing demonstrations against the constitutional plebiscite, however, have been tolerated by the Piñera administration.

Chile's Military police (Carabineros) this weekend repressed a march promoted by health workers while protests of President Sebastian Piñera’s supporters against the plebiscite on the new Constitution happened without interruptions.


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With the slogan "no more applause, we want recognition", health professionals demand better salaries, the recognition of their titles in the Health Code, and the reinstatement of dismissed workers.

Several videos and photos spread on social media show the Carabineros launching water and performing forced arrests against workers and students.

"The Carabineros’s repressive action was not seen during a right-wing protest against the new Constitution,” the Democratic Revolution (RD) party’s Lawmaker Pablo Vidal assured.

A new Constitution is demanded by the massive demonstrations that have taken place in the country since November 2019.

"It is clear the scandalous asymmetrical treatment that the police have with the social demonstrations," Vidal said as he recalled that the Carabineros are supposed to be an institution that gives the people's security and safety.

Piñera administration “is complicit in using Carabineros as political police. They are acting under the authorities’ supervision and this is unacceptable. We will demand explanations from the Interior Ministry,” he condemned.

The October 25 plebiscite is the most relevant election of the South American country in the last decades. For the first time, a referendum will consult its citizens on whether they want to replace the Constitution.
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