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  • Chilean teachers called for national assembly.

    Chilean teachers called for national assembly. | Photo: Reuters

Published 11 July 2019

Chilean teachers called for a national assembly to discuss the government's proposal while continuing strikes for better education. 

The College of Teachers of Chile convened Thursday a national assembly for July 12 after they declined to accept the proposal of the Ministry of Education and decided to continue the indefinite strike. 


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The president of the Teachers' Association, Mario Aguilar said they have to analyze and talk to different groups of teachers and some group would reject the proposal if they still have issues that need to be addressed. 

"We want to point out that our willingness to dialogue with the Government continues, we remain interested in this conflict can be resolved," said Aguilar.

Minister of Education Marcela Cubillos said Thursday that his officie's next steps will depend on the internal dialogues of the teachers' coalition and after that the ministry to decide whether they want to offer something new to the teachers of maintaining the dialogue. 

The indefinite strike began on June 3. The association voted Monday to continue the demonstrations. 

The teachers' association said they were protesting for structural issues within the country's public system. Its president, Mario Aguilar, explained that there is a huge number of unresolved structural concerns which is why they will remain mobilized. Aguilar assured that this is not a wage claim but a protest to denounce the poor conditions of public education in the country.

Teachers also insist on the recognition of special education and preschool educators, reform in the middle school curriculum, and the recognition of a historical debt existing since the 1990s.

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