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Caribbean Artist Honors Commander Chavez on His 66th Birthday

  • Venezuela's Commander Hugo Chavez.

    Venezuela's Commander Hugo Chavez. | Photo: Twitter/ @VTVcanal8

Published 27 July 2020

The reggae-style song "We Are All Chavez" is a tribute to the revolutionary leader's legacy.

Barbados' artist Wayne "Onkphra" Wells dedicated a song to Venezuela's Commander Hugo Chavez to honor his 66th birthday anniversary to be commemorated on July 28.


Legacy of Hugo Chavez a Force in Venezuela and Latin America

The reggae-style song " We Are All Chavez" is a tribute "to the revolutionary leader's legacy and the Venezuelan people, who have welcomed me in their homeland like a son," Wells said.

With six-and-a-half minutes long, the piece also honors the Latin American heroes Toussaint L'Ouverture, Simon Bolivar, Jose Marti, and Fidel Castro's influences on Commander Chavez.

This song is "for the Venezuelan people and socialism. Long live to the Bolivarian Revolution and Latin American and Caribbean Unity. Long live to President Maduro, for the defense of the Homeland," the song praises.

On July 28, the song's international launch will take place at the Pelican in Bridgetown, Barbados, at 19h00 local time.

This is the second work that the artist has performed to honor Venezuela in less than a year. In 2019, Wells dedicated a sculpture to the young Afro-Venezuelan Orlando Figueras, who was burned alive during the 2017 terrorist attacks in the country.

The piece honoring Figueras was exhibited at the III Biennial of the South, held in Ciudad Bolivar, Venezuela, in Nov. 2019. 

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