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14 Incidences Counted In Andalucía, Spain Elections

  • Police car in Padre Mendez polling station. May. 28, 2023.

    Police car in Padre Mendez polling station. May. 28, 2023. | Photo: Twitter/@SUR_English

Published 28 May 2023

"...in Almería, a voter has introduced three envelopes..."

The Government Delegation in Andalucía has pointed out that, so far, 14 incidents have been counted since the polls were opened on this election day.


Voting Begins in Spain, Pedro Sánchez First Leader to Vote

In the Padre Mendez polling station, in Almería, a voter has introduced three envelopes in the ballot box at the same time.

The National Police has identified this person and the voting has been paralyzed until 09:20h, so the Electoral Board has resolved that, at the closing of the electoral day, two envelopes will be taken out at random before starting the counting of the votes.

After this incident, voting has continued normally.

Voting is stopped at a college in the capital after a voter put three envelopes in the ballot box. The National Police have identified this person at one of the tables of the Padre Méndez School.

Meanwhile, in the province of Granada, difficulties have arisen between 8:00 and 8:30 hours because members of the polling stations have appeared without identification or the documentation for which they had been designated, but it has been solved with alternates.

Likewise, in the polling station of Linares Baeza, in Linares, the removal of advertising of a party has been requested because it was located on the lampposts of the Avenue where the polling station is located, less than 50 meters away.

According to official statements, the error has been communicated, and they have been removed immediately. However, voting stopped for 45 minutes, so this polling station will close its doors at 20:45 hours.

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