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Brazil: Feminist Farmers Start 'Seeds of Resistance' Campaign

  • Ana Claudia Rauber,  Parana activist and representative

    Ana Claudia Rauber, Parana activist and representative | Photo: Twitter/@carpamujeres

Published 10 March 2020

Brazilian female producers propose to spread agro-ecologic farming and other sustainable agriculture models.

Brazil's Movement of Female Farmers (MMC) Monday started the "Seeds of Resistance" national campaign as a way to highlighting social fights for gender equity, respect for Indigenous cultures, and defense of local producers.


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This campaign also pursues to make visible the experience and wisdom of the Brazilian small farmers, who are permanently under attack from large companies, which are backed up by the far-right President Jair Bolsonaro.

To combat climate change and ensure the safe provision of food, the MMC campaign proposes to spread agro-ecologic farming and other sustainable agriculture models.

“Female farmers point out that hunger and misery grow and moves in different spaces,” the activist Ana Claudia Rauber explained and denounced that pesticides are “poisoning the population and causing death.” 

“Women will exchange their traditional knowledge among themselves, with the inhabitants of the cities and with all the working class,” Edcleide Rocha said and added the second national meeting in 2021 will be also an opportunity to keep alive the contact among those who resist in this South American country.

With almost four decades of existence and fights, the MMC, which is part of the Landless Workers Movement (MST), brings together female farmers from all the Brazilian regions.

By sharing common goals related to social and gender issues, they are constructing alternatives to the business-based, large scale models of production and consumption.  ​​​​​​​

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