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Brazil Only Buying Scrap Metal From US, Says Celso Amorim

  • Brazilian diplomat Celso Amorim

    Brazilian diplomat Celso Amorim | Photo: Twitter/@rrsoca

Published 10 March 2020

After Bolsonaro and Trump’s meeting, Brazilian Defense Minister Azevedo e Silva and U.S  Navy admiral Craig Faller signed the agreement.

Brazilian ex-chancellor Celso Amorim said that the South American nation would only buy scrap metal from the U.S. after the military agreement.


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According to the former diplomatic, Trump pursues to align Brazil to his politics as an ally in the region. Amorim added: "If to do so, it is needed to do small buys or sell second hand, they will do it. We cannot be naïve about that."

The ex-Foreign Minister pointed out that Bolsonaro's government takes a different path from the politics assumed by other mandataries like Lula Da Silva o Dilma Roussef, who kept independence in the Defense area. 

After the agreement, Brazil will depend on a unique technology provider. "There has not been such a moment of alignment with American politics in national history," Amorim said. "We will have no benefits. Perhaps we would have the right to buy more of their scrap metal, like last year."

Both Chiefs of State share similar perspectives on Foreign Politics towards left-aligned governments in Latin America. Venezuela was the main topic of their meeting in SothCom, Florida. 

After Bolsonaro and Trump's meeting, Brazilian Defense Minister Azevedo e Silva and U.S. Navy admiral Craig Faller signed the agreement.  Under its statutes, both countries would develop military cooperation, associate on defense, and buy equipment or armament.

 In March 2019, the two countries initialed a space agreement allowing the use of the Alcantara base, located in northern Brazil, for the launching of U.S. rockets. Bolsonaro has also announced the possible installation of a U.S. military base on Brazilian territory.

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