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Brazil's Foreign Minister Called To Declare Over Pompeo’s Visit

  • Brazil's Foreign Minister Called To Declare Over Pompeo’s Visit
Published 21 September 2020

The Brazilian lawmakers want to know what really happened given that the official statements downplay the consequences of his visit.

Brazil's Senate Foreign Relations Committee (CRE) Monday issued a subpoena to Foreign Affairs Minister Ernesto Araujo to explain the visit of U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to the Roraima state on the border between Brazil and Venezuela.


Mike Pompeo Drives the US Agenda Against Venezuela From Brazil

On Tuesday, during the hearing, Araujo will have to render account to some senators for whom the minister defied the institution by handing over "national territory to a U.S. agent to threaten a friendly country."

On Sept. 18, Pompeo and Araujo went to the facilities of the Operation Welcome project in Boa Vista. This project receives immigrants from Venezuela, who are outspokenly against President Nicolas Maduro's administration.

Senator Nelson Trad said the Brazilian lawmakers want to know what really happened given that the official statements downplay the consequences of Pompeo's visit.

“They used the national soil for bullying. We are not a U.S. military base in Brazil,” Labor Party Senator Jaques Wagner complained.

Besides hailing Pompeo's visit to Roraima, President Jair Bolsonaro said that the visit represented "how much Brazil and the U.S. are aligned in the pursuit of the common good."

With November elections just around the corner, Washington was seeking to use the visit to reinforce the perception of having a strong foreign policy. Republicans estimate that to repudiate President Maduro's government can help to boost the votes.

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