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Brazil: COVID-19 Cases Continue to Rise

  • A school in Brasilia gets disinfected by a health worker. July 31, 2020.

    A school in Brasilia gets disinfected by a health worker. July 31, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 2 August 2020

There has also been an increase in femicides since the pandemic started. 

According to Brazil’s Ministry of Health, 1,088 people died of COVID-19 on Saturday bringing the country’s total death toll to 93,563. 


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The positive cases stand at 2,707,877 in the South American country with 1,865,729 have recovered from the deadly disease. 748,585 people are being followed up. 

Sao Paulo has been the most affected state in the country. Official statistics show that the state stands at 552,318 positive cases and 23,236 deaths. São Paulo is followed by Rio de Janeiro with 167,213 cases and 13,556 deaths. 

Statistics also show that deaths caused by COVID-19 are increasing in nine of the 27 states in the South American country. 

The pandemic in Brazil has hit many, especially women. According to the Brazilian Forum of Public Security (FBSP) between March and April of 2020, the femicides in the country increased by 22 percent compared to last year. 143 women were violently killed during that period. 

According to the FBSP, the rise in femicides has to do with the victims’ "living closer to the aggressors, who, in the new context, can prevent them from going to a police station or other places that assist victims."

Brazil is the second country in the world with the most infected by Covid-19, after the United States.

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