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Boris Johnson To Push For Brexit Solution at Tory’s Conference

  • British Prime Minister seeks to secure Brexit solution

    British Prime Minister seeks to secure Brexit solution | Photo: Reuters

Published 27 September 2019

British PM would try to settle “Get Brexit Done” slogan and attack Corbyn  

British media says Prime Minister Boris Johnson will use the Tory conference next weekend to reinforce his “Get Brexit Done” rhetoric he was criticized for this week in Parliament that allegedly further inflamed political tensions.


UK Supreme Court Rules Johnson Suspended Parliament Unlawfully

Johnson’s use of words such as “surrender” and “betrayal” over Brexit, and his refusal to apologize, have generated comments from many politician.

During the Wednesday session, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson goaded the opposition Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, telling him to either try to topple him or, if not, to stand aside and allow his government to deliver Brexit.

A government source told The Guardian, “If we came back (from the conference) with a deal, I think there would be real political pressure to really push through: if you’re in a Brexit seat, do you really want to go into an election having rejected Brexit?”

Waving his arms and yelling "come on, come on", Johnson implored his opponents in a raucous Commons session to bring a vote of no-confidence in the government and trigger an election to finally break the Brexit impasse.

Once again, Corbyn, refused to engage. He and other Labour leaders said they would only agree to an election, lawfully, that is once Johnson had ruled out leaving the European Union without a deal.

Britain faces an Oct. 31 deadline to leave the EU, but after three years of political crisis, with parliament unable to agree on a strategy, it remains unclear when, if or on what terms the country will leave the bloc it joined in 1973.

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