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Bolivia: Morales to Present Evidence of Coup Plans

  • Bolivia: Morales to Present Evidence of Coup Plans

    | Photo: Telesur

Published 15 October 2019

Bolivian President Evo Morales says he will present plans by opposition forces of their planned overthrow of his government to international observers set to observe the Oct. 20 elections.

Bolivian president Evo Morales announced during a national broadcast of 'Behind the Truth' that there was a recent plot to try to burn down the executive branch headquarters in La Paz, La Casa Grande del Pueblo.


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“I have the recordings that prove that some civic committees from Cochabamba or La Paz, and some former and current military ... held meetings to plan to burn the Casa Grande del Pueblo," he said referring to the seat of the government.

"When the observer delegates of the OAS (Organization of American States), and those from Europe arrive, we will give them all the necessary information so that they know how the right conspires [against ] democracy and the Bolivian people,” declared the president during an interview on the televised show. The delegates will observe the nation's general elections to be held on Oct. 20.

Morales also mentioned that people using a United States embassy vehicle were witnessed traveling to areas outside of La Paz "to offer paved, and asphalted road in exchange for not supporting" him in the upcoming polls.

During a previous speech in Potosi,  a group of provocateurs tried to get on the presidential stage, accusing him of being a dictator. However, MAS senate candidate Rogelio Mayta says that the Citizen Community (CC), whose right-wing candidate Carlos Mesa is in second place by over 10 percentage points, is trying to foment "emotional blackmail" and fear among the people about a Morales reelection that would put the president back as head of state until 2025.

Mayta said that the Bolivian economy and political scenarios have stabilized under Morales since he came into office in 2006. The incumbent is ahead in the polls with 38.8 percent of the nation's support, while Mesa is behind with 25.4, according to a recent CELAG poll.

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