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Bolivia's Elections: Voting Closes In Spain After Rugged Day

  • Bolivian citizens vote in Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 18, 2020.

    Bolivian citizens vote in Barcelona, Spain, Oct. 18, 2020. | Photo: Twitter/ @noticiasfides

Published 18 October 2020

Some Bolivians were unable to vote in Barcelona because they did not appear on electoral rolls.

Thousands of Bolivians living in Spain Sunday went to the polls to cast their votes and elect a new president during the general elections.


Bolivia's Election Day Went by Amid Irregularity Reports

Three polling stations were set up In Madrid, a city that holds over 16,000 Bolivian citizens. According to official censuses, Spain has over 60,000 members of this South American country’s diaspora.

Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) representative in Spain Guillermo Holters explained that the Cervantes Secondary Bilingual Institute, the Orcasitas Sports Center, and the Olivillo Municipal Sports Center were the places fitted out to serve as polling stations in Madrid.

On the other hand, in Barcelona, the delay in the opening of the voting precincts generated long lines, which caused unrest among the voters.

"MAS razing in the Bolivian elections in Spain."

A voter in Barcelona told the Bolivian outlet El Deber that “most of the people waiting were using a mask, but it was almost impossible to comply with the physical distance advised to prevent contagion from COVID-19.”

Also, several voters were told that they were unable to vote because they did not appear in the electoral rolls, something that led to some unrest within the citizens.

Even though there are no official results yet, reports indicate a supposed majority of votes in favor of the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) candidate Luis Arce.

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